York Castle Museum

A very disappointing attempt at a perambulation.

I was very excited to visit the Castle Museum in York, particularly as their permanent exhibition Shaping the Body has direct relevance to another project I am working on. Also, I know their recreation of a Victorian street is very exciting and atmospheric and I felt sure that Lily would be fascinated by it.

Alas, I was turned away at the door. Prams and buggies are not admitted inside the museum.

I was surprised and sorry about this. In fairness, I know from previous visits that the museum is split over a number of levels – is there a lift? This is an obstacle overcome by many (most?) other museums and historic houses, including some with far more strictly protected status and far more complicated architectural obstacles. We couldn’t even have a quick peak at the ground floor.

The only consolation – the museum does provide a buggy park and a selection of baby carriers which can be used free of charge. Alas Lily fidgets terribly when carried in this way, she weighs over 18 lbs now, and I was not dressed for baby-wearing. We were visiting alone, so no one to help put on the carrier (unfamiliar carriers can be tricky to install) and I also had Lily’s sundry paraphernalia to think of – and my coat! Two other perambulating parents were dismissed at the door alongside us – is this a regular occurrence? I remain disappointed and particularly frustrated by a local marketing campaign advertising the museum to families. 

We travelled to the York Castle Museum on foot from York Mainline Station. York is 2 hour train ride from Kings Cross. 

If you work for York Castle Museum and would like some support, advice, ideas about how to make improvements for the parents of young children please do get in touch. I am sympathetic and knowledgable about the conservation and protection needs of old buildings and fragile collections. I would like to help. 

Changing facilities n/a

Access *

Baby feeding facilities (including seating) n/a

Travel ***

Enjoyable Perambulation *

Overall *