National Railway Museum – York

Straightforward perambulation, free entry and lots to see, although not all facilities were perfect.

This was a good perambulation which included the history of the rail industry, various famous and unusual trains and train carriages, a LOT of train memorabilia and a small interpretation gallery about how points and signal boxes work and other logistical matters.

I am not a train nerd, but still found this museum very educational and at times quite spectacular to see. There was a lot for Lily to look at and experience.  The museum is housed in two parallel train depot buildings – the space is very big and not very warm (do dress yourself and your offspring accordingly). There are lifts and ramps between floors although level access is far from perfect. It is possible to see inside, and even underneath many of the train, although access up (or under) them is via stairs only. Completely level access is provided for the Japanese bullet train and the collection of royal carriages.  George Stephenson’s Rocket was a particular highlight for me, while Lily liked the store-room of memorabilia which is overloaded with stuff to look at.

There is very little seating available throughout this museum, it is not always very physically comfortable and the displays are a little tired. There isn’t really anyway particularly comfortable to feed a baby at this museum, and the changing facilities were very few and utterly disgusting. In fact the bathroom we visited looked and smelled so bad I rejected it and waited until we got home.

We visited the National Railway Museum for 3 hours and travelled there on foot from York Mainline Station. The museum is a 5 minute walk from the station and York is 2 hours from London by train.

Changing facilities *

Access ***

Baby feeding facilities (including seating) **

Travel ****

Enjoyable Perambulation ***

Overall ***