Warner Brother Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

A world class a magical perambulation

This “Harry Potter World” is a truly majestic and fantastical day-long treat which just keeps on giving. The experience is all the more meaningful if you are a “Potter-head”, but even if you are not, there is a huge amount to see and experience. The ticket price is very considerable at £47 for an adult (Lily was admitted for free) you also need to be very organised, booking 3 months in advance is necessary. 

As a keen and devoted Gryffindor I could write at length about the exciting objects, sets and spectacles on display, but it is my job here to talk practicalities. Therefore I am happy to report that visiting with Lily and her perambulator was straightforward, very comfortable, everyone was very welcoming and some of the special attentions offered to us by the front-of-house team were utterly charming. 

First of all WBST does all of the basics very very well. There are plenty of baby changing stations in unisex toilets in three different points evenly spaces across the site. There are a goodly number of seating areas. There are spaces of excitement, but also spaces of calm and lower sensory engagement. They even have a parent and baby room next to the back-lot café which offers seating for feeding and spaces for changing. The whole site is step free including some very nicely designed ramps and level-access architecture. I was impressed and relieved.

More impressively however, they get the added extras right. The front of house team welcomed Lily and I and engaged with her beautifully throughout. We were asked some lovely questions and particular care was taken of our welfare. At the beginning our tour group was encouraged to applaud quietly so as not to disturb Lily while she slept. Some sections are dark and others a bit scary (particularly if you don’t like dragons or spiders) and were relevant a team member was stationed ready with a warning and the offer of an alternative route, if desired. So careful steps are taken to avoid nightmares. The whole experience involves a lot of sights, sounds, lights, movement and stimulation which Lily just loves.  She had a really great time too – mainly from her perambulator, although I did carry her for some sections just so she was a little higher up and could get a better view.   

We travelled to The Warner Bros Studio Tour by car and parking was very plentiful. We stayed for around 4 hours – including a fairly leisurely lunch. My pedometer informs me that we walked around 1.5 miles around the site – so it is very big. The tour route is one-way and linier, although there are shortcuts and the opportunity to miss bits if you ask or if there are sections you want to avoid (such as the forbidden forest). Entry is via timed ticket, although once inside you can travel at your own pace and the group quickly disperses so it isn’t too crowded. 

This is a very pricey day out, and one which requires a fair deal of planning, but it is my favourite perambulation this year and one I will never forget – a truly happy and highly encouraged perambulation.

Changing facilities ****

Access *****

Baby feeding facilities (including seating) ****

Travel *****

Enjoyable Perambulation *****

Overall *****