Thames Clipper

More of a sail than a perambulation, but this made for a fun and interesting experience for Lily and I. 

I was very pleasantly surprised to find how straightforward and accessible it was to take a boat on the Thames with Lily in her perambulator. We travelled from Tower Bridge Pier to Westminster.

There are ramps from the street right up to and across the doorway of the clipper boats so no lifting was required. Once on board there was space at the front of the clipper for Lily in her pram. She could have very happily stayed in her pram for the duration of the journey, which lasted around 20 minutes or so. However, I took her out of her pram and sat her on my knee so I could give her a bottle and provide her with a better view out of the window.   

There is a little shop on board selling snacks and coffee, which was nice. There are toilets on-board, but baby -changing facilities are only available on the larger vessels. We didn’t use them so I can’t comment on cleanliness, quality or range of facilities I am afraid. It was only a 20 minute journey.

Once at Westminster Pier, again, there were ramps taking you from the boat all the way to the footpath on the Victoria Embankment. From there you can find step free access if you turn right and travel towards Embankment, however, you will come across quite a steep set of stairs if you turn left and head towards The Palace of Westminster.

This perambulation lasted around 35 minutes as we did wait a while for the boat to arrive. They do have a timetable online and at each pier so time could have been saved with better research and coordination. The Thames Clipper cost £7 if you pay with your Oyster Card or contactless credit or debit card. There was no charge for Lily.     

This was a nice little perambulation, and there are step free tube stations at both Tower Hill and Westminster.

Changing facilities – unknown

Access *****

Baby feeding facilities (including seating) ****

Travel ****

Enjoyable Perambulation ****

Overall ****